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Americas Now 04/21/2014 The fight to fumigate; Marina Silvam; Avoiding eviction
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AMERICAS NOW is a weekly magazine program focusing on Central and South American issues.

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April 28- Sea Cucumbers

They may not look desirable but these slimy sea creatures are a coveted commodity. They’re also part of an illicit industry that takes place under the cloak of darkness… Correspondent John Holman travels to the Yucatan…to investigate the secret operation and slippery business of harvesting sea cucumbers.

April 28- Major Pricilla

She courageously took on the criminals in Rio’s largest favela. And led a successful community cleanup campaign. From Brazil…our Gamechanger this week, a pacification officer in Rio.

April 28- Poet´s Behind Bars

How a life of confinement led to a life of reflection and self-expression. Correspondent Michelle Begue attends a prison writing workshop in Bogota and meets some Poet’s Behind Bars.

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Americas Now 04/21/2014 Avoiding eviction

When Katia and Alejandro Romero moved to Spain from Ecuador nearly 10 years ago, they were feeling positive about their future.

Americas Now 04/21/2014 Game changers- Rey Ramirez

Several years ago, Rey Ramirez had a highly-respected career as education director of a professional symphony.

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Elaine Reyes is a news anchor for CCTV America based in Washington, D.C. She joined CCTV News from WRC-TV, the NBC station in Washington, DC.

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