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Americas Now 04/14/2014 Victims of drug trafficking; Lius Almagro; Operation masterpiece
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"Americas Now" is a broadcast news magazine, which produces investigative reports, including hard news, personality profiles, and feature pieces.

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April 21- The fight to fumigate

The war on drugs…. As Colombia fumigates its coca fields, the impact is felt….across its border. But crops aren’t the only thing being harmed… Ecuadorian farmers tired of being collateral damage…take their complaint to international courts. Michelle Begue explores the cross-border fight… over the right to spray.

April 21- Marina Silvam

Then, we’ll meet the woman who rocked Brazil’s last presidential election…. And just might rock it again. Vice Presidential contender Marina Silva sits down with us for a candid conversation about politics… and power in Brazil.

April 21- Avoiding eviction

And Orphaned immigrants….being removed from their homes at unprecedented rates. Correspondent Gerry Hayden takes us to Barcelona’s “Eviction City”… and shows us that a fight for one’s home, can become the fight of a lifetime.

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Elaine Reyes is a news anchor for CCTV America based in Washington, D.C. She joined CCTV News from WRC-TV, the NBC station in Washington, DC.

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