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Americas Now 06/30/2014 Motocycle craze; Isabel Allende; Cuba sugar cane
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AMERICAS NOW is a weekly magazine program focusing on Central and South American issues.

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July 7- Bulletproof Clothing

First stop, the bullet­proof clothing industry, for the fashion-­conscious, has grown over the years as presidents and oil sheiks have become loyal customers. Trusting that the clothing will save them. Using materials that can stop almost anything. Correspondent Toby Muse puts the new line of clothing, and himself, to the test.

July 7- Game Changer

And later, a former boxer from New York that is helping kids stay out of trouble by keeping them busy in the gym. Game Changer Fernando “Ponce” Laspina.

July 7- Latin Designers In NY

Brazilian designers are taking to the galleries of New York. By profiling the furniture design of Brazil´s modernist icons Oscar Niemeyer and Jorge Zalszupin. Correspondent Liling Tan uncovers the beauty behind their designs.

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Americas Now 06/30/2014 Isabel Allende

For many, Isabel Allende remains one of the most influential writers of our time.

Americas Now 06/30/2014 Cuba sugar cane

For almost two centuries, Cuba was the world’s largest exporter of sugar. But in recent years, the industry has shrunk to a fraction of its former glory.

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Elaine Reyes is a news anchor for CCTV America based in Washington, D.C. She joined CCTV News from WRC-TV, the NBC station in Washington, DC.

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