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Center Stage 20120415 Kungfu extravaganza " Shichahai "
Production Team

"Shichahai" was originally produced by a team of China´s veteran theater and movie directors including Jet Li´s mentor and schoolmates. The show represented Beijing at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, and it has since traveled to Taiwan and then returned to Beijing while being constantly updated according to local preferences and other audience feedbacks.

• Executive Director: Yang Zhongfu

• Vice Dean: Liu Yanbin

• Martial Arts Consultant: W Bin

• Cast: World martial arts championships and China´s Championship Team

Drama Plot

The kongfu drama "Shichahai" depicts the story of a youngman and a girl who love Chinese martial arts and venture to trace the Chinese link of their idol "Kongfu Panda" in Beijing. It follows the footprint of the two young people and unfolds a vivid picture of the local life in the form of martial arts, dances, music, videos, acrobatics and fashion show. The drama has a superior cast consisting of the world martial arts championships and China´s Championship Team, showcasing the latest level of Chinese martial arts.

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