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Center Stage 03/24/2013 Film "The Grandmaster"

Name: The Grandmaster(一代宗师)

Type: Action, biography, feature film

Length: 125 minutes

Release date: Jan. 8th, 2013

Filming time: Nov. 21st, 2009

Director: Wong Kar-Wai

Screenwriter: Wong Kar-Wai, Zou Jingzhi, Xu Haofeng

Producer: Wu Siyuan, Wong Kar-Wai

Leading roles: Tony Leung; Zhang Ziyi; Chang Zhen; Zhao Benshan; Song Hye Kyo...

Li Xiuren/Li Xiuzhi, Baguazhang Mentors

"The method of movement is circular walking, while changing the palm´s position to attack. It involves both internal and external practice, quite elegant but fierce in real combat."

Wang Shiquan, Bajiquan Mentor

"Bajiquan can counter any move...My hand´s up here...I can attack you from every angle...I don´t have to move; I let you move..."

Chang Zhen, Acting as "Razor"

Chang Zhen, Acting as "Razor"

"It´s hard, doing Bajiquan. It transforms form internal to external, which needs plenty of time to digest... It certainly builds up your physique, but more important is the self-cultivation. Gradually I came to know myself better, things inside me, good and bad, that I didn´t know before. I´m a whole different person after the years of Bajiquan training."

Zhang Ziyi, Acting as "Gong Er"

"My favourite fight scene is at the station, when Gong Er fights Ma San. It brings the 2 styles, Baguazhang and Xingyiquan, together. My opponent comes from a kung fu background, so he was a big help to me during filming. With his expertise he could make me relax, as he took the lead in the fighting."

Zhang Jin, Acting as "Ma San"

Zhang Jin, Acting as "Ma San"

Gong Er´s biggest rival, however, is Ma San, her father´s killer.The fight between the two at the railway station is about Baguazhang versus Xingyiquan.

Wong's opinion on kung fu and the film
Some classic lines

"I grew up seeing my father fighting others. From him, I learned to see messages, not moves."

"I must go on. I can´t stop"

"My father used to tell me, a kung fu master experiences 3 stages: seeing him or herself; seeing the world; and seeing all beings. I´ve seen myself and the world. It´s a pity I can´t see all beings. I hope you will finish what I leave undone."

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