China 24 Special Series - Foreigners in Tibet

Malaysian manager: Tibetan & Modern flavors mixed in Lhasa´s 5-star hotel St. Regis

Episode 7

The St. Regis, run by Edwin Loh from Malaysia, opened last winter. As the only five star hotel in the whole of the Tibet Autonomous Region, it has attracted a group of international staff, who are eager to experience Tibetan culture... more>>

Australian tourists: Sharing joy in Tibet

Episode 6

China´s Tibet Autonomous Region allures tourists the world over with its unique folk culture and splendid landscapes. Standing out among the pilgrims is a group of foreigners who mingle with the locals while performing the rite. Chris tells us that journey to Tibet is always full of joy... more>>

Dream carried on in Tibetan Snowland restaurant

Episode 5

Many visitors to Lhasa are impressed by not only the spiritual atmosphere, but also the diversity of dining options. In Lhasa, quite a few restaurants are now run by people from different parts of the world... more>>

Nepalese friends: Making a home in Tibet

Episode 4

27-year-old La Zhu is the General Manager of Tibet Villa Hotel. With the management philosophy of emphasizing Tibetan style and culture, over all-out luxury, La Zhu´s not only completing his career, but also making a home in Tibet for himself... more>>

Indian Buddhist: Pilgrimage to Tibet

Episode 3

Musacchi Lama is an Indian Buddhist, who believes the water in Lake Monasarovar, Tibet can wash away the dirt in people´s souls. Every year, Musacchi Lama as the head of a group of 83 pilgrims, travel from Delhi to pilgrim around the lake... more>>

European Restaurant owners: Living in Lhasa

Episode 2

4 foreigners have been successfully running a restaurant in Tibet for ten years. In the beginning, the idea of settling down in a town a world away from their homeland never crossed their mind. But children were born in Tibet later, the rest is history... more>>

Austrian musician: From the Alps to the Himalayas

Episode 1

He grew up in the Alps, but his life now is about Tibet: For Wen Jie, a young musician from Austria, Tibet reminds him of his own mountain upbringing. "I want to come here to learn more about Tibetan culture... more>>

Foreigners Say more

Sam Smijdens, Netherlands

Tibet is changing fast

Simon, England

Modern influences coming in, to be honestly, it seems to be more modern than I imagined.

Felix Fusco, USA

When standing on the street, every mode of transportation can be seen

Matt, Malaysia

It´s a very modern city, I was actually suprised about that.

CCTV Special Coverage

This is Tibet

Tibet, known as the "Roof of the World", with its enthralling year-round snow, aerial mountains, exotic customs...has become a dream destination for visitors from all over the world... more>>