China Insight Special Coverage on Women's Day

Women in China today control more resource than ever before in ancient history. There are some of the famed and loved people across the country, and the source of pride for millions. These heroines are champions of success, and lift the dreams of women to a new height. But this generation of inspiring and independent women are still grounded by prejudices throughout the society. From their home to the workplace, pression weigh heavily on their oppotunities. Some incredible women have escaped the gravity, but when they land back in China, the realities of some preference, domestic abuse and huge social pressures send their wills spinning. Can we imagine that in China, where women are boundless?

Why March 8th? More

The International Women´s Day falls on March 8 annually to celebrate women´s economic, political and social achievements throughout history and across nations.

The day aims to help nations worldwide eliminate discrimination against women and help women gain full and equal participation in global development.

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Change of Status of Chinese Women

Late 10th- Middle 20th century

Foot binding greatly limited the mobility of women

In the 1950s

Mao proclaimed "Women hold up half of the sky"

After the opening up

China´s human development index measured by the UN is the 2nd most imrpoved since 1980

Li Na, tennis player

"My dream has finally come true! In a way, it still feels surreal. It´s something none of those before me would dream could actually happen."

"I encountered many highs and many lows along the way. I´ve experienced it all. The immeasurable joys of success, the crushing sadness of defeat and failure. No one could possibly know how I felt."

Yang Liping, Dancer and Choreographer

"Dance has gifted me with a beautiful life. I have everything I could need..."

"Go and create! Embrace this life and create something filled with your wonder and emotions. Don´t worry about whether others like it!"