CCTV Special: Russian Handicrafts

Rich cultural heritage and a varied natural landscape place Russia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. China and Russia are collaborating to hold "Tourism Year of Russia" in China this year, and the "Tourism Year of China" in Russia in 2013. The move is designated to foster exchanges and friendship between the two countries and their people.

Russian handicrafts series

Episode 6: Exquisite lacquer artwork

The town of Palekh has become synonymous with the art of Russian lacquer painting and lacquer boxes. The exquisite, highly detailed miniatures from Palekh have been dubbed "small miracles."

Episode 5: Samovar

Russian people’s daily lives changed in the 17th century, when tea began to be imported from China. This not only resulted in a unique culture around the brew, but led to a unique invention - The samovar. Wang Ying has more.

Episode 4: Platok

Scarves and shawls are an indispensable part of a Russian woman’s wardrobe. Known as "the Russian flowers on shoulders", platoks bring color and style into Russian fashion on any occassion.Platok is Russian for shawl.

Episode 3: Khokhloma

Although there are many handicraft centers in Russia, only one town can be called its capital. About five hundred kilometers to the east of Moscow, the town of Semenov is renowned for producing khokhloma --- a very special style of Russian wood painting.

Episode 2: Nesting doll

The nesting doll, also known as matryoshka, is a famous Symbol of Russia. Many may know their image, but few know the story.

Episode 1: Gzhel porcelain

The best time to visit Russia is from May to October. Among the popular souvenirs, hand-made items rank high on most tourists´ must-buy list. The Russian style porcelain wares have developed into a school of their own.

China-Russia Tourism Year

Tourism Year of Russia

The opening ceremony of "Tourism Year of Russia," which was held in Beijing on March 23, kicked off a year-long program aimed at fostering tourism ties and humanistic exchanges between the two countries.

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