12-Part Museum Special on Culture Express

Museums are wonderful places where the past meets the present. They are strongrooms of numerous masterpieces, the heritage of different generations and various cultures, which are open for the public. There is a special holiday dedicated to honor museums and their workers – the International Museum Day. Every spring, for the past 34 years, museums around the world have celebrated May 18 as International Museum Day. On this occasion, CCTV News produced a 12-part special sereis on museums, showing different specialties of different museums.

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Tang Dynasty Arts Museum

Throughout China´s ancient history, perhaps one of the most prosperous, and culturally flourishing periods was the Tang Dynasty, from the 7th to the 10th centuries. We can get a glimpse of that beautiful period through books and artifacts, but today, we´re going to see the Tang come to life at the Tang Dynasty Arts Museum in Xi´an.

Suzhou embroidery museum

During the Spring and Autumn Period some 25-hundred years ago, people from Wu State applied embroidery to clothes, and thus began the origin of Suzhou-style embroidery. Suzhou embroidery is world renowned for its exquisite, elegant, clear and beautiful artistic style.

Tianjin Theater Museum

China is a country with multiple theatrical activities spread over a large area. Chinese traditional opera, an integration of singing and performance, is the most common, distinctive, and representative form of Chinese theater.

China Numismatic Museum

What I like most about the museums is the connections they make me feel. Those silent, cold objects behind the glass windows come to life to me, with stories told or untold, about the people who lived before us.

Sichuan Cuisine Museum

Sichuan Cuisine is celebrated worldwide for its bold flavor of spiciness featuring the liberal use of garlic, chili peppers and peppercorns, which combine to make a real sensation in one´s mouth.

"China House" tells extraordinary story

In TianJin Municipality, a private museum known as "China House" has become a new landmark in the city.

China Calligraphy Museum

Chinese calligraphy is honored as one of the oldest and most condensed abstract art in the world. Known as "Shu Fa" or the way of writing, the characters contain the meaning while the style of the writing adds artistic and spiritual elements.

Medicine Museum

Traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, is a label that covers a broad range of traditional practices, including various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, and dietary therapy.

Costume Museum

Almost on the day when costumes appeared, people began integrating their social status, customs, aesthetic interests and all kinds of cultural notions into the garments.

China Printing Museum

Now, we have almost entered the era of the paperless office. The development of the computer and internet is changing our understanding of the characters.

China National Tea Museum

Tea is familiar to most people in the world. Having originated in China, the practice of drinking tea has had a long history here.

Bazhou China Bicycle Museum

China may be known for its millions of bicycles, but the inventor of the bicycle was a westerner.