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Our homeland

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The bund of Shanghai in March, 2010. Tourists to Shanghai never miss this promenade, with its fashionable cosmopolitan vibes and views of sophisticated skyscrapers stretching across the river. To many people, this is their life in the future. Below these buildings, a huge construction site was being unveiled for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Urban nature

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This is the construction site for the Swiss Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo. They´re assembling the world´s most complicated cable car. What exactly do the Swiss have in mind? Soon, the lawn has arrived. Yet these plants aren´t headed for the ground, but to the roof. The first cable car in World Expo history will take visitors over a green roof rolling with life.

Multicultural cities

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On April the 15th, 2010, with two weeks to go before the opening of the Shanghai World Expo, a truck pulled up at the rear entrance to the French Pavilion. Its arrival made the pavilion´s staff nervous. The truck carried 7 world-famous art treasures from the Orsay Museum in Paris. Never before had they being seen outside France together before they were transported to Shanghai in secret.

The poetic building

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The photograph was taken on April the 20th, 2010, the day when the Shanghai World Expo Park opened for a preview. The man with short hair wearing a Chinese-style suit is Dai Zhikang, a leading entrepreneur.Standing next to him is Arata Isozaki, a famous Japanese architect. The two men were wandering around the park. From time to time they stopped to inspect the exterior of some of the buildings. It seemed they were interested in the covering materials of the buildings were made of.