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CCTV Correspodent Yama Wolasmal's Reports

Exclusive interview: Afghan General Raziq vows to protect Kandahar

--- By Yama Wolasmal
Kandahar, as the birthplace of the Taliban, is an Afghan city where political assassinations are a weekly occurrence...

Defected commander: Afghan Taliban fragmented on fight

--- By Yama Wolasmal
The commander revealed the Taliban in Afghanistan is currently fragmented with one party wanting to strike peace and another insisting on continuing their fight...

Exclusive: Battle for Kandahar - Birth place of the Taliban

--- By Yama Wolasmal
Kandahar has been the main crucible of power in Afghanistan since the mid-18th century. Today the battle for this strategic city has brought America to a watershed in the Afghan war...

Exclusive interview: Story of a Taliban bomb maker

--- By Yama Wolasmal
CCTV´s Yama Wolasmal has been given exclusive access to one of the Taliban´s top bomb makers in the southern city of Kandahar...

Interview: Afghan governor Gulab Mangal on transition process

--- By Yama Wolasmal
The governor of Helmand province, Gulab Mangal, talks to CCTV correspondent Yama Wolasmal about the ongoing transition process...

Exclusive: Former Taliban official calls for peace talks

--- By Yama Wolasmal
The US and the Taliban have to engage in direct talks, if there is to be a peaceful solution to the war in Afghanistan.

Afghans split over troop withdrawal

--- By Yama Wolasmal
There is a sense of anxiety on the streets of the Afghan Capitol. Security has worsened in many parts of war torn Afghanistan.

I´m Yama Wolasmal. I bring the exclusive reports from Afghanistan

CCTV Correspondent Roee Ruttenberg's Reports

Afghan women promote rights for themselves

--- By Roee Ruttenberg
International NGOs say they are worried about the rights of women in Afghanistan amid growing reports of harassment and intimidation...

Growing business in Afghan needs better infrastructure

--- By Roee Ruttenberg
The Afghan economy is picking up. But the country has seen its population double in the past few decades to nearly thirty million.

Afghan people strive to maitain security on their own

--- By Roee Ruttenberg
US President Barack Obama says one of his goals in Afghanistan is to ensure the Afghan people will be able to provide their own security...

Afghanistan road to recovery: Issues of security and stability

--- By Roee Ruttenberg
Some foreign troops working in NATO´s Security Force in Afghanistan have begun withdrawing from the country.

I´m Roee Ruttenberg. I bring exclusive reports from Afghanistan