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I. Coca leaf debate in Peru

The coca leaf is the source of the addictive narcotic - cocaine, leading many to call for the plant to be outlawed. Yet many Peruvians and other peoples of the Andes mountains argue that the leaf´s nutritional and medicinal properties make it worth protecting.

II. Pervians depend on coca leaves

Though listed together with cocaine and heroin as an illegal substance in 1961, Coca leaves are part of Peruvian´s lives. They´re traditionally used to ease the hardship of working in the fields.

III. Industrialization of Coca leaves in Peru

A small amount of coca leaf production in Peru is grown legally and is often used in medical provision. However the illegal sale of the leaf to drugs traffickers at a much higher price causes many problems for the ancient tradition.

IV. Peru: Alternative crop dev´t program introduced to stop coca production

Governments in the Americas have been fighting a growing war with narcotics traffickers moving cocaine, even as debates on how to combat the illicit trade continue to rage. To solicit a few suggestions, our correspondent Michelle Begue sat down with the director of a Peruvian government-run programs aimed at stopping illegal use of the coca plant.

V. Lima: One family hails positive uses of coca

Despite the fact that coca is a main ingredient of cocaine, one of the world´s most illicit drugs, a family in Lima has been working hard to convince people of the plant´s positive benefits. Our correspondent, Michelle Begue, brings us their story.