China-Africa Cooperation More

"China´s assistance to Africa has been growing steadily. China has built over 100 schools, 30 hospitals, 30 anti-malaria centers and 20 agricultural technology demonstration centers in Africa. It has met the pledge of providing 15 billion U.S. dollars of lending of a preferential nature to Africa. China and Africa have conducted increasing people-to-people and cultural exchanges featuring mutual learning..."

Tanzania-Zambia Railway

The 1,860-km railway, which took over 50,000 technicians and workers seven years to complete in 1975 and was handed over to Zambia and Tanzania in 1976, was one of China´s largest foreign aid projects and is considered as the emblem of China-Africa friendship.

Dar-es-Salaam National Stadium

National Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. It is currently used mostly for football matches. It currently holds 60,000 people. The stadium opened in 2007. It was constructed by the Beijing Construction Engineering Company Limited.

Tylu-nes Beijing Hospital

Members of the Chinese medical teams, with their hard work, outstanding medical skills, noble morality and selfless dedication, have won the hearts of African people. They are lauded by African governments and people as "Envoys in White", "Models of South-South Cooperation" and "The Most Popular People".

Africans' View on China-Africa Relations

Kenneth David Kaunda, Former President of Zambia

"We are always friends, the Chinese are sicere. So when we do business with China, we know that we are dealling with honest people."

Armando Emilio Guebuza, President of Mozambique

"I hope China and Mozambique can strengthen their cooperation in educational training."

Jean Ping, Chairman of Commission of African Union

"The cooperation between China and African countries has been very sucessful. There is no competition but working together between us"

Manuel Vicente, Minister of State, Angola

""Overall, especially in int´l affairs, our two countries hold similar views. This plays a positive role in safeguarding the two countries and two peoples and the interests of the developing countries."

Baptista Burgess, Minister of Energy and Water Resources of Angola

""From the forum we were able to understand more about the potential of China and what China could give us Africans."

Aminata Dioum, First Counsellor of Embassy of the Republic of Senegal in China

""In our childhood, some of us had not even heard of China. I come to China suddenly. I had to learn Chinese. It´s very difficult. My father says I must learn Chinese. My father said, ´I allow you to take her to China and let her learn Chinese, because I guess the next century belongs to China.´"

Lao Su, Employee of the Chinese Embassy
in Senegal

"I was very ill. The Chinese ambassador took me to the Chinese medical team for an operation. My illness was cured. I get along very well with the diplomats from China. I have stayed here and I will keep this for ever."

Lassiedi, Retired Tanzania-Zambia
Railway worker

""Luo Hua was the third engineer who taught me. He taught me Chinese and technology."