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Beihai Custom Building

Historical Relics

Beihai custom, called Beihai Guan, is one of the four earliest customs of Guangxi.

Beihai Silver Beach

Scenic Spots

Silver Beach on the southern coast of the city extends for 24kms.

Peanut worm

Special Products

Peanut worm, a burrowing worm-like sea animal commonly seen on shores of Beihai, is around 5-10 cm long and 5-8 mm in diameter.
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Reviving the South Pearl

Beihai pearl, called south pearl is famous all over the world.The beauty of South pearls comes from their thick nacre and higher luster. Layers of nacre that have crystallized and aligned properly create pearls with intense glow.

Return of the dugongs

A rare species at the edge of extinction, a mysterious group living at the bottom of the sea. Does the legendary mermaid really exist? If it does, does it have any encounter with man? What story does it have and what its destiny lying ahead after accidentally encounter with man? Will it come back again?

Spy games in an old town

The assassination of a Japanese drug store keeper was much more than meet the eye. It sparked suspicion, rumors and diplomatic strive, and even summoned the Japnaese navy to Chinese shores. What really happened behind the door of the exotic building on old street? And what did wartime testimonies reveal?

Sea Gate legend

This place was called Haimen, or "Sea Gate" in the Tang Dynasty, referring to the span between Mount Guantou and Daguan Harbour. The mountain, of course, has a precipice, and the harbour also has a thrusting peak, forming something resembling a gateway. There are emplacements on both sides, two on Mount Guantou and one on Daguan Peak.

Amazing Weizhou Island

The Weizhou island is the biggest volcanic island in China . With dense vegetation, beautiful landscape and simple and honest people, it is particularly rich in lava eroded caverns and varieties of sea animals. It´s where people are longing for. The Weizhou isand is the migarating place, many varieties of migratory birds and stay birds perch on it.

A Danjia wedding on the sea

A group of people are sitting in front of a shop of the century-old street of Beihai City, discussing something in their own dialect. It seems that they are having a meeting, but now and then, it looks like that they are arguing. It´s a preparation meeting for a wedding. Among the attendants some have no ties with the bridegroom´s family.

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