The documentary "Glamorous Sichuan" makes a comprehensive introduction to the nature, history, humanity, society and other abundant content of the area of Bashu, especially its magnificent natural sceneries, long history culture, fully inclusive and equitable ethnic customs, and the tremendous achievements it has made during the contemporary social development.

This documentary includes 6 parts, each lasts 30 minutes.

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Sichuan is located in western China and is the important joint of southwest, northwest and central China. It is also a traffic corridor that links south and central China, connects southwest and northwest China and channels Central, South and Southeast Asia. Sichuan covers an area of 485,000 square kilometers, ranking No.5 in China. It governs 21 cities (autonomous prefectures) and 181 counties (county-level cities and districts). Sichuan is a populous province with rich resources and well-developed economy. More Info >>