Words of the celebrities

Nie Weiping: My love of Go boils down to this, "If I had a choice in my next life I would still play go as my profession." Many Go fans and admirers think that Go contests are leisurely, because the players drink tea during the game. In fact the silent battle is extremely fierce. The contestants are so tense they can hardly breathe sometimes. If you are an army commander directing battle with lives at stake, can you feel it at ease?

Liu Xiaoqing: Because I didn´t get a formal recognition, which I felt was unfair. I always pushed myself to be a lasting success, which I believed was the ultimate proof of artistic success. I pushed myself to do way better than others. If someone could get a Golden Rooster Award, or Hundred Flowers Award with a film that´s worth one point, I would come out with something that´s worth 1,000 points.

Yang Lan: Sometimes I advise my friends to slow down and be happy, but I cannot slow down myself. I´ve been living a fast paced life all these years. However, I´ve never been short of happiness. I don´t think you should complain either way. For example, if you complain about an idle life or that you´re not needed when you have nothing to do, you shouldn´t be grumpy when things get busy. You should enjoy the feeling of being needed and teh sense of satisfaction and happiness that comes with your work. I´m the kind of person who is tuned to a busy tempo of life. I´m happier when I´m busy.

Sun Fuming: I´ve gotten a lot from the limited yeras of my life. I started as a nobody. But this nobody appeared in the Olympic Games and won the championship. This is a huge transition. I failed at times too. I went through all sorts of things. There were floers when I was on the podium. Then when I failed I fell into the lowest point of my life. It was an awful feeling. But everybody has a different understanding of what an ordinary life means. My understanding is a stable family with a stable income.