Storyboard 3 parts series - China Three Gorges

100 years of dreams, 100 years of struggle!

The Three Gorges project proved the prosperity and power of China. Countless people persevere through out their lives to see it become an reality. It is a historic engineering, social and economic success.As well as producing electricity, the dam increases the Yangtze River's shipping capacity, and reduces the potential for floods downstream by providing flood storage space.

Join us to witness the historical marvel of China Three Gorges!

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China Three Gorges part 1

The Yangtse River prodes 40% of China´s fresh water resources. The Yangtse River Basin is China´s most important economic zone. Its population is the largest of any river basin in the world. The Yangtse has nurtured early Chinese civilization with a rich and eventful history involving along its banks. However, the Yangtse brings both blessings and disasters. Throughout history, floods have swept down the river from time to time.

China Three Gorges part 2

Construction of the Three Gorges Dam sets multiple world records, embodies China´s scientific strength and creats a water conservation monument. The total concrete for the Three Gorges Dam total 27.9 million cubic meters. The amount is twice that of Brazil Itaipu Dam, three times that of Aswan Dam in Egypt and more than 10 times that of Hoover Dam in the U.S.

China Three Gorges part 3

In 2001, a monitoring and warning system for the Three Gorges area was established by the institute of seismology. Monitoring records since June of 2003,when the reservior began restoring water, show the earthquake acitivity in this area has remained constant. The buildup of the sediment in the reservoir is one of the major issues of the Three Gorges project. In the 1950s, China organized thousands of experts to carry out studies on the sediment deposits.