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Exclusive interview: EU chief attends China summit

On the eve of the 16th EU China summit, CCTV’s Jack Barton caught up with the president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, to find out if the Eurozone is really on the path to recovery and how he hopes to strengthen relations between Europe and China.

Crossover: Impact of China´s reforms on Africa

China’s 3rd plenum garnered plenty of attention overseas. Let’s get Africa’s perspective on this key policy meeting. Dr. Martyn Davies, CEO of Frontier Advisory, an emerging markets research and consultancy joins us from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Exclusive with Ferrari chairman: Chinese market will be very important in next decade

Legendary luxury car maker Ferrari’s Chinese business is still booming.

Interview: China-Europe relationship heading positively

For more insights on where the China-Europe trade relationship is heading, our correspondent Jack Barton sat down with the European commissioner for employment, social affairs and inclusion, who says despite all these trade issues, the China-Europe relationship is going to further evolve in the future.

Interview: Vale welcomes China´s own iron ore futures

China launched its very first iron ore price index on October 18th, trying to boost its bargaining power.

Exclusive: Joe Aguilar: Bringing Kung Fu Panda home

BizAsia’s Lily Lyu sat down with Joe Aguilar, Chief Creative Officer of Oriental Dreamworks, to find out how the company integrates more Chinese elements into its productions, as well as the highly anticipated Kung Fu Panda part three.

Exclusive: Jeff Immelt: Natural gas in China

General Electric held its "Age of Gas" Forum right here in Beijing this week. I sat down with GE’s global CEO Jeff Immelt to discuss natural gas’s potential and challenges in China.

Studio interview: Sino-Indian economic relationship

Professor Liu Baocheng, from the University of Int’l Business and Economics joins us now to talk about the Sino-Indian economic relationship.

Exclusive: GE´s global CEO Jeff Immelt on natural gas in China

Policy makers have identified clean energy as a top policy priority going forward and natural gas is one energy source garnering much attention. CCTV reporter spoke with GE’s global CEO Jeff Immelt on the topic at GE’s Age of Gas forum. Here’s what he had to say.

Studio interview: Sino-Russian economic ties

Let’s dive deeper into Sino-Russia economic ties. Sergey Sanakoev, general secretary of the Russian Chinese Chamber for Machinery and Innovation Products joins us tonight.

Exclusive: Bluescope´s CEO Paul O´ Malley on China market

Bluescope’s CEO Paul O’Malley talked to our reporter Laura Luo, on how the firm plans to make China its global manufacturing hub.

Exclusive: Steve Sawyer: wind power opportunities in China

China Wind Power 2013 is currently taking placing in Beijing, our reporter Laura Luo talks with the Secretary General of the Global Wind Energy Council Steve Sawyer on the growth trend of the industry, and where opportunities in China present.

Studio interview: China remains top choice of capital inflows

To talk more about China’s investment environment and foreign trade, let’s bring back Professor Zhu Ning, from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Studio interview: Is "de-Americanized" a necessary lesson?

For more on the dramatic turn of events in Washington, I’m joined by Nina Maria-Potts, our correspondent from Washington D.C., and Zhu Ning, professor and deputy director of Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance. Welcome to the program.

Interview: U.S. politics and ripple effects on Asia

Biz Asia’s Michael Wang sat down with Dr. Hu Yifan, Chief Economist at Haitong International Securities to find out. He started by asking Dr. Hu what she’s advising Asian clients to do.

Studio interview: Private providers role in China´s vast health market

The potential of China’s health care market is huge, estimates put it at over 1 trillion US dollars. Let’s bring back Prof. Huo to get his take on the future of China’s health care industry.

Studio interview: London offers first such service outside of China

Professor Huo Deming from Peking University’s National School of Development joins us in Beijing and Maryam Behmard is in London.

IMF: Little impact of US Fed´s QE stop on China

Will the U.S. lift its debt ceiling is another. CCTV reporter Martina Fuchs spoke to the IMF’s senior resident representative for China for some answers.

Studio interview: Strengthening Sino-UK investment ties

To talk more about Chancellor Osborne’s visit, Maryam Behmard joins us from London with the view from the U.K..Prof. Liu joins us again in the studio here in Beijing.

Studio interview: Importance China attaches to SE Asia

Let’s bring in Prof. Liu Baocheng from the Univ. of Int’l Business and Economics to talk about what this trip means for both sides.

Exclusive: Equity market struggles to attract more investors

Despite the country’s promising growth rate of around 7% this year, the stock exchange only has one company listed so far. CCTV reporter Martina Fuchs to get a reality check. She spoke to Hong Sok Hour, CEO of the Cambodia Securities Exchange, about why there’s a mismatch between economic growth and trading activity.

CITS: Welcomes new law, focus on quality

We offer a comprehensive service -- with online and physical stores, tourists can get information from the website which is also in English. Plus we have almost one thousand physical outlets.

Exclusive: Washington State governor: Trade disputes are resolvable

While Sino-US trade disputes frequently hit the business headlines--the frictions have been resolvable and have not held back trade from growing.

Exclusive: Alibaba seek IPO in NY over HK

Just what are they? Earlier we spoke to Alex Wong, Director of Asset Management at Ample Finance Group in Hong Kong.

Studio interview: China launches 4th financial reform zone

The Yiwu government announced its financial reforms on Tuesday, covering financial innovation to currency exchange. For more analysis, let’s talk with Prof. Yu Pingkang again.

Studio interview: Outlook of economic relationship between China and Uzbekistan

For more about the cooperation between China and Uzbekistan, we’re joined by Mr. Ding Yifan from the Institute of World Development of the State Council.

Discussion: Opportunities and challenges for China

It seems the G20 summit comes at a time when old problems still need attention and new problems are arising. For discussions on all these topics we talk to Professor Huo Deming from Peking University and Mrs. Tian Huifang from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Exclusive: Roberto Azevedo takes charge as WTO new head

The World Trade Organization’s brand new Director General took office yesterday. CCTV sat down with Roberto Azevedo to discuss his plan to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Studio interview: Expectations and opinions for latest meeting

Let’s draw some more insights into this upcoming meeting in November, Professor Liu Baocheng from UIBE.

Exclusive: Minister of Transport: China open railway investment to public

Individuals and the private sector will be able to play an increasingly important role in China’s railway construction. This multi-billion, previously state-run sector is now open to public investments. CCTV exclusively interviewed Mr. Yang Chuantang, Minister of Transport, about the changes.

Studio interview: Should China be concerned about capital outflows?

The past week has been a wild ride for Asian markets -- how much of it is due to the US Fed’s tapering plans , let’s chat to Professor Zhu Ning from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

ADB President: China´s 2013 GDP growth at 7.7%

The President of the Asian Development Bank, Takehiko Nakao, tells Biz Asia that he remains bullish on China’s economic outlook, but that more attention needs to be on balancing growth.

Eva Chen: managing a company is like managing your kids

As China aims to boost consumption in its information technology sector, BizAsia’s Laura Luo sat down with Eva Chen. Eva is the CEO of internet content security giant Trend Micro.

Mongolia Stock Exchange CEO: China, mining players drive market activity

Our reporter Martina Fuchs spoke to the CEO of the Mongolian Stock Exchange, Altai Khangai, to get his perspective about the movers and shakers in the country’s equity market, and why international investors should put Mongolia on their radar.

Mongolia Govr: Mortgage rates cut to support middle-class households

Mongolia’s Central Bank Governor Naidansuren Zoljargal spoke to our reporter Martina Fuchs in Ulaanbaatar about the wider impact of the country’s recent move to cut interest rates on mortgages, as well as his view on the future policy direction and relations with China.

Exclusive: China´s top banking regulator diagnoses the system

China’s banking sector suffered a credit squeeze, late June, borrowing costs surged to record highs. Not surprisingly, both banks and borrowers have showed serious concerns about the stability of the system.

Exclusive: Commerce minister: China´s trade performance in 2013 is outstanding

Although GDP growth slowed to an annual 7.5 percent in the second quarter, Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng maintains his bullishness on the country’s economic outlook.

Exclusive: NDRC chief: H2 official growth target to be reached

Where is China’s economy heading to in the second half of 2013? CCTV exclusively interviewed Xu Shaoshi, Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, on the challenges ahead.

Studio interview: Key advantages of FTA for the 3 countries

Let´s bring back Zhao Zhongxiu, Vice President for Undergraduate Studies and International Relations to talk more about this potential 3-way free trade agreement in East Asia.

Studio interview: Maintaining stability in an uncertain environment

Zhao Zhongxiu, Vice President for Undergraduate Studies and International Relations, at UIBE joins us tonight to talk more about today’s meeting...which focused on how to navigate China’s economy in the second half of the year in an uncertain global environment.

Panel discussion: Nationwide audit of local debt

How might China control local government debt from spiralling out of control? Prof. Fu Jun from the School of Gov’t at Peking University and Mr. Xiang Songzuo, Deputy Director of the Center for International Monetary Research at Renmin University.

Studio interview: China real estate sector outlook

To talk more about the increase in land prices for Q2 and its implications, we’re joined by Prof. Liu Baocheng, Dean at the Center for International Business Ethics at the University of International Business and Economics.

Panel discussion: China economic outlook

We’ve run through the major data points out today for China But what do these numbers say about the country’s economic prospects going forward?

Panel discussion: China mid-term report card

Lots of numbers and data to sift through today collectively what do these numbers mean, what kind of a picture do they paint for the Chinese economy? Ken Peng, Senior China Economist at BNP Paribas joins us tonight to decipher all of this.

Expert: Quality growth & rebalancing slow economy down

A policy shift towards focusing on more quality growth and rebalancing the economy are what economists say the two main reasons for the easing of growth in China.

Exclusive interview with Tony Blair: Outlook for China and global economy

2012 was a reality check for China’s economy. Structural rebalancing and external weaknesses meant more tempered growth. What lies ahead for China?our reporter Michelle Xing sat down with the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair to discuss the challenges China faces ahead and the outlook for the global economy.

Exclusive interview: China´s economy: Embracing 2013 and beyond

It’s been a bumpy ride for China’s economy this year as global headwinds knocked down growth in trade, investment and manufacturing, likely causing the worlds’s second largest economy to see its lowest year of growth since the Asian financial crisis.

Exclusive interview: Leadership key for economy going forward

As the uncertainty in Europe continues, let´s pick the brain of one of Europe´s top former leaders and hear what he had to say about the current situation on the debt striken continent and where it needs to go from here.

World Bank chief sees China reforms active

World Bank president Jim Yong Kim wrapped up his first trip to China on Friday since taking up the institution’s top role earlier this year. During his visit, Kim presented the World Bank’s report on China’s economic growth until 2030.

Exclusive: US fiscal cliff can put major dent in recovery

CCTV reporter sat down with JPMorgan´s Chief Economist, Bruce Kasman to get his take on where the U.S. economy is headed.

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