Crossover 04/18/2015 Healthy living with traditional Chinese medicine
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Crossover is a cross-cultural lifestyle talk show that celebrates and explores life in China, offering viewers the most up-to-date and newsworthy information told in a lively format. Ji Xiaojun and Eyee Hsu discuss the most exciting issues of the day. Hot topics in news that feature the best experts in their field, celebrity interviews and general entertainment are all part of Crossover.


04/25/2015 Highlight:Decoding Chinese cuisine

Did you know that Chinese food has many different cuisines? It's not just kung pao chicken and chow mein! In fact, Chinese food is famous for its various regional cuisines, there are many of them. We talk about the eight major cuisines, and even dive into minority cuisine like Yunnan Cuisine.

There are also many misconceptions about Chinese food. There is a saying that Chinese eat everything except the table. It's not necessarily true, but playing with this saying, we prepare a special dish for our guests to taste some “strange” foods…does Eyee dare eat them? You'll have to watch to see!

  • Rob Cunningham: Executive Chef of East Hotel Beijing
  • Sue Zhou: Head Chef and owner of Hani Gejiu restaurant
  • Jun Trinh: Head Chef and owner of 4corners
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