Crossover 07/04/2015 Peking Opera: Unveiling the mystery of Peking Opera
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Highlights: Unveiling the mystery of Peking Opera

In this episode, we aim to provide a basic introduction to the complex art of Peking Opera. We discuss the history, the different types of characters, instruments, and conventions. Eyee and Xiaojun are joined in the Crossover studio by professional Peking Opera singers in their stunning and colorful costumes. They perform opera and demonstrate some basic movements. Even Xiaojun tries! By presenting these basics, we hope we provide a window into Chinese culture so you too can begin to appreciate this ancient art form. You don't even need to travel to China!

We also discuss the future of Peking Opera with our panel of guests. How do we revive this art form?

  • Colin Mackerras: Australian Sinologist, teaching at Renmin University of China
  • Raymond Zhou: a renowned performing arts critic and Executive Editor of China Daily
  • Tan Xiaoyu: Peking Opera performer, "Tan School" descendent
  • Ding Ruichang: Beijing Normal University Student, amateur Peking Opera performer
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