Crossover 10/03/2015 Chinese folk songs
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Crossover 09/26/2015 Highlight: Foreign wives in China

With China’s economic boom, the number of international professionals choosing to work or study in China has skyrocketed.

Male and female individuals from nearly every country can be found in the major cities in China – seeking professional opportunities and challenges, and looking for adventure. For some, this adventure and experience has lead to something even more surprising finding love.

In this episode we have a girls’ talk with three special international women who came to China for work, and unexpectedly found love and a second home in China.

  • Marie Smurthwaite: Member of Continental Spice Girls, a female singing group
  • Wang Shuai: GrapeWallofChina Blog
  • Jessie Meider: Musician, formed the band Chinatown with her husband Gao Fang
  • Jocelyn Eikenburg: Founder of, a blog about love, family and relationships in China
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