Crossover 08/22/2015 Healthy living with traditional Chinese medicine
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Crossover is a cross-cultural lifestyle talk show that celebrates and explores life in China, offering viewers the most up-to-date and newsworthy information told in a lively format. Ji Xiaojun and Eyee Hsu discuss the most exciting issues of the day. Hot topics in news that feature the best experts in their field, celebrity interviews and general entertainment are all part of Crossover.


Highlight: Football industry in China

The world is crazy about football.Put two football fans from different countries together and regardless of how far their countries are, they will find a way to talk about their favorite sport. Like all sports, football unites its fans.

In this episode Eyee and our guests go deep into the football industry in China.We explore how football is developing in China, it's challenges, and what the newest soccer reforms issued by President Xi Jinping himself will mean for the generation of Chinese footballers to come. Let's talk football!

  • Mark Dreyer: Founder of China Sports Insider
  • Francesco Abbonizio: Coach of Ole Football
  • Shao Shengyi: CCTV Sports Commentator
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