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New Money 12/24/2016 Opportunities abound for industry

Since China started to ease the one-child policy in 2013, its population of new-born babies has been growing rapidly, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. This brings both impetus and challenges to the industry.

New Money 12/24/2016 O2O store taps book rental market

Apart from toy rental, book rental is also a hotly explored segment of the market. Senior John Picture Book Store is a book rental business that operates both online and offline. It also provides guidance on parent-child reading and other value added services, with over 200 franchise outlets across China.

New Money 12/24/2016 Online company explores toy rental

Buying toys and books for children could be a costly investment for parents, and their interest for a single toy or book doesn’t normally last long. Now, some Chinese companies are exploring the niche market of renting toys and books for children.

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