More Infomation on Xinjiang

The Xinjinag was called Western Regions in ancient, and from of old it has been a region of multi ethnic groups inhabiting, and has been a part of sacred territory of our country. The intercourse history of Xinjiang’s all ethnic groups of people and all ethnic groups of people in inland has been time honored, the traffic of Xinjiang with inland and regions beyond the boundaries is with landway traffic as main all through the ages

Uyghur Foods

When you come to Kashi, whether it is in a city, countryside, a street or an alley, on a jubilation-wedding banquet, or in a camel team, you can find and taste a kind of round roasted bread, i.e. the traditional Uyghur staple food - Nang.

Traditional Festivals

Corban is the traditional festival of Moslems. In Xinjiang, there are more than ten ethnic minorities such as Uyghur, Kazak, Uzbek, Hui, Tajik, etc. take it as their national festivals and celebrate it with various activities.

Scenic Spots

Xinjiang boasts rich and diverse tourist resources. Landscapes here are both unique and beautiful. If you come here, you will be attracted by wild landscapes and particular combination of natural sights.