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Heroes of China- Wang Wanqin

Doctor Wang Wanqing speaks in a southern accent and is a native of Shanghai, but he´s been living in the Maqu Grassland in Gannan Prefecture, Gansu Province for 42 years. In 1968 after he graduated from Shanghai No. 1 Medical College, he gave up comfortable life in Shanghai and volunteered to work as an ordinary doctor on the harsh Maqu Grasslands in the Gannan Tibet Autonomous Prefecture.

Heroes of China- Lv Qingsen

This is Lv Qingsen, a member of the power supply maintain squad of Jilin Power Company. For 31 years, he´s been travelling alone across the mountains and forests for filling his duties. He said," Hard work won´t kill a man. Every job needs someone to do it. I am just doing the job I was given."

Heroes of China- Guo Mingyi

Guo Mingyi, 52, was a road supervisor at the Anshan Steel Groups, Qidashan iron mine. His donation of 120,000 means he has given out more than a half of his salay since he began to work. Guo Mingyi and his wife and daughter live in a small home of just 40 square meters on the suburbs of Anshan City, they are, however, a content family.

Heroes of China- Wu Guanzhong

Wu Guanzhong was the first Chinese contemporary painter who was awarded a "Top-class Honor of Culture and Art" in France by the French Ministry of Culture. He was also the first Chinese contemporary painter who held a solo exhibition in the British Museum.

Heroes of China- He Xiangmei

He Xiangmei is a soldier from Nanjing Military Command. He Xiangmei is taking part in anti-terrorist training. He is in charge of a combating on an assault machine. Within just one minute, they rescued all the hostages with zero harm.