Yangshuo County, Guilin

Nestled in rolling mountains and bordered by the Li River on one side, Yangshuo County in Guilin has long been a travel destination teeming with international backpackers.

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Great traveller of Yangshuo

In the afternoon of May 19th, 1637, the 10th year of the reign of Emperor Chongjian in the Ming Dynasty, a ship set sail from Guilin. The ship was headed down the stream toward Yangshuo, a small county some 50 kilometers away. Among the travellers, there was an unusual man in his 50s, Xu Xiake, was the greatest geographer of the Ming Dynasty.

West Street story

West Street is the oldest street in Yangshuo with a history of more than 1,400 years. Situated at the center of Yangshuo County, West Street is the busiest as well as the oldest street in the town. Completely covered with marble, the street resembles the letter ”s” with a length of 517 meters and a width of 8 meters. Meanwhile, it has become a center for cultural exchange between the east and west.

Gourmet Yangshuo

Yangshuo food holds a repective place in the hall of Chinese cuisine. And it was not just the taste, but the presentation which in recent years has drawn tourists from all around the world. These are secrets too, a unique way of cooking called "Niang", that has created hundreds of mouth-watering dishes in Yangshuo.

Global haven

Yangshuo County in Guilin, Guangxi is a legendary landscape of China. In Yangshuo County alone, there are over 20,000 hills and over 250 scenic spots. The clean and clear Li River winds through Yangshuo for 56km. About 70,000 limestone towers make up this inconceivable landscape. In a word, Yangshuo covers the most beautiful scenery in Guilin China.

Fisherman´s theatre

On July 18th, 2010, performers were preparing back-stage for a show staged against unreal landscape. Flooding season has put a hold to the vehicle services and income. These performers all local fisherman, and spent every evening on stage. The wet weather has stored their routine, but tonight they are back in their roles...

Yangshuo- Sacred tree

Yangshuo´s rainy season falls in June. Under the rain, we meet a band of dragon dancers marching in the beating drums and gongs, they seem to be holding a ceremony. For the locals, it is in fact ancestor´s day. On ancestor´s day, the local people offer sacrefices to their forefathers...