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Travelogue 12/24/2014 Macao 2
Shangri-La DVD Out!

The "Discovering Shangri-La" series DVD is OUT NOW!

Re-live Travelogue´s unforgettable journey to find Shangri-La, in this exciting 5-part series. Experience for yourself life in paradise, as we explore a place where myth meets spectacular reality. The DVD box-set is available to purchase at all major Xinhua bookstores and at Beijing´s Xidan Bookstore (西单 图书 大厦). Alternatively, you can call 68507900 and order your copy now! Begin the adventure by reading the Shangri-La blog:

South of the Sea- Travelogue in Hainan More

Filmed over 2 months under the 35°C sun, Travelogue takes you along 3 very different routes across Hainan with its presenters Kayli, Greta and Tianran.

Face to Face with Travelogue

Live Show

Travelogue hosts showed up in the CNTV studio on February 24 and had a fun time with their fans! Greta and Tianran shared their wonderful memories in Xinjiang and answered questions from our web users.

Travel Blog

By Tianran He

A Taste of Xinjiang

Across the Far Horizon - a Travelogue through Xinjiang

By Tianran He

Turkish Delight

This was my first trip to Turkey and after having gone there, definitely not my last. So without further ado!

Part II-Aegean Escapades

Part III- Turkish Delight
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