Travelogue 12/30/2016 Beijing Hutongs
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Travelogue is China Central Television's flagship English-language travel show. Twelve years in the running, Travelogue's several hundred episodes take you to thousands of unrivalled destinations across the globe. For where to go and what to see, watch Travelogue and let us bring the unforgettable to you.

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BJT Sat. 10:30-11:00, Sun. 16:30-17:00, 22:30-23:00

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Tianran He

Being a Travelogue presenter entails many things. For me, it was a baptism of fire.

Min-Zhui Lee

G’day, kindred citizens of our wondrous world! I’m Zhui, your newest Travelogue presenter.
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Travelogue is Recruiting Presenters! For over 10 years, we’ve been focusing on one thing – Travel in China and around the world! We’re now passionately expanding our social media platforms, and aim to become an all-encompassing travel programme in the near future! Click the job description and check out the details! Join us, and let’s travel the world together! More >>

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Face to Face with Travelogue

Travelogue hosts showed up in the CNTV studio and had a fun time with their fans! Greta and Tianran shared their wonderful memories in Xinjiang and answered questions from our web users.