Welcome to CCTV America—the media crossroads where news and "views" about the world’s two largest national economies intersect and sometimes collide.

CCTV News More

News Desk from Washington is a brand-new, fast-paced, in-depth look at your world.

Air Time: 03:00; 04:00; 05:00 06:00 Mon.- Sun.; 0730, 0900 Tue.-Sat.; 0800 Sun.,Mon.

Global Business More

It is a live one-hour news program about money and the global economy. It is a program designed for a globally-minded, educated and aspirational audience.

Air Time: BJ 08:00-09:00 Tue.- Sat.; Rebroadcast: 13:00-14:00 Tue.- Sat.

The Heat More

It´s a 30-minute talk show out of Washington, DC that examines the top global and American stories of the week.

Air Time: BJT 0700-0730 Every Tue.-- Sat.

Americas Now More

"Americas Now" is a broadcast news magazine, which produces investigative reports, including hard news, personality profiles, and feature pieces.

Air Time: BJ Time 0700-0800 Every Mon. Rebroadcast: 1300-1400 Every Mon.

Full Frame More

Full Frame is a new one hour program from CCTV America from Los Angeles.

Air Time: BJ 08:00--09:00 Every Sunday; Rebroadcast Time: BJ 13:00--14:00 Every Sunday