Tian Wei, CCTV Anchor

Special Coverage

Transparency with Tian Wei (2012)

China is growing at a pace dazzling to all. Facing the realities, understanding the challenges, and searching for ideas and solutions. Transparency with Tian Wei, throughout China´s annual political season.

Two sessions considered with Tian Wei (2011)

Join me everyday to find out what matters people in China and what they want their representatives to address in the new political season.

Tian Wei at Cancun Conference

The United Nations Climate Change Conference are held in Cancun, Mexico, from 29 November to 10 December 2010.

Exclusive Interview

Tian Wei back from Summer Davos (2010)

Tian Wei shares with you her facinating experience at Summer Davos and the insight to this forum as well as world economy from her perspecive.

Tian Wei talks about NPC & CPPCC sessions (2010)


A chat with Hillary Clinton (2009)

On Feb. 22nd, 2009, before her return to US, Hilary Clinton shared her ideas about her China trip with Tian Wei.

About Her

Regular anchor of CCTV´s special coverage of important domestic and international events, Tian Wei is based at the network´s Beijing headquarters.

Moderator for CCTV´s prime time talk show, "Dialogue", a daily interview program featuring domestic issues and international affairs, and "World Insight", a weekend round-up of world news and current affairs.

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