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World Insight 07/20/2014 BRICS Summit; MH17 shot down; Israeli-Palestinian conflict
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07/13 Growing conflict

Israeli airstrikes and Hamas rocket attacks intensify as amid fears of an impending ground incursion of the Gaza strip.

07/13 American foreign policy

CCTV sits down exclusively with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to get his views on China and the pivot to Asia.

07/13 Seeking allies

As Japan and Australia seal a new defense deal, we ask what this means for Tokyo’s military ambitions.

07/13 Epic defeat

After Brazil went down 7-1 to Germany we discuss what’s become the iconic match of this year’s World Cup.

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BRICS Summit

Air Time: 2014/07/20

Gaza tensions

Air Time: 2014/07/20

MH-17 crash

Air Time: 2014/07/20