History Legend 12/30/2016 Peking Opera:Behind the Greasepaint Part 3
History Legend

Historical file and archaeological exploration type of documentaries lasting 30 minutes

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Program videos
  • December 1-2: Legend of Abing
  • December 3-7: Bloody Dawn
  • December 8-11: The Spy Who Never Made It Back
  • December 12-13: Prison Break in Hanaoka, Japan
  • December 14: The Liberation of Shanghai - Taking control of the Suzhou River
  • December 15: The Liberation of Wuhan - Zhang Zhen's Revolt
  • December 16-25: Zoetrope, China in the Eyes of Foreign Photographers
  • December 26-27: Fighting as One to Save the Nation – A Record of the Battle of Taiyuan
  • December 28-31: Peking Opera: Behind the Greasepaint
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