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Top Choice 12/30/2016 One Belt and One Road Part 4
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Program videos
  • December 1-4: China on FilmⅡ
  • December 5-8: The Heart of Taoism
  • December 9: Resurrecting the Traditional Tujia Wedding
  • December 10: The Power of the Spirit
  • December 11: Danchen & His Big Painting
  • December 12: Stretching the Limit - Remote Attraction
  • December 13-15: Radio Calisthenics
  • December 16-21: Echos of the Han
  • December 22: I Love Midi Festival
  • December 23-24: Fa Xian's Journey to the West
  • December 25-26: Robert Hart,a Rover in China
  • December 27-31: One Belt and One Road

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