Portrait of Real Current Life 12/29/2016 A Long Day
Portrait of Real Current Life

Natural Geography, Science and society type of documentaries lasting 30 minutes

Air Time: First edition: BJT20:30-21:00 Everyday; Rebroadcast: 00:30, 04:30, 07:30, 12:30, 16:30 Everyday

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Nature and Animals
Culture and History
Real Life Stories and Social Issues
Science and Exploration
Military and Political
Program videos
  • December 1:Dynamic China - Love Conquers All
  • December 2-6: In Pursuit of Dreams
  • December 7-13:The New Youth Ⅸ
  • December 14-16: The Fast and the Furious
  • December 17-19: A Look Inside 3D Printers
  • December 20-21:Stretching the Limit - Chasing the Wildness
  • December 22-23: Stretching the Limit - Against the Giant
  • December 24:Stretching the Limit - Simba's Fantastic Drift
  • December 25-26:The House of 3,000 Lattice Windows
  • December 27-28:Dynamic China - Cloud Gate Dance Theatre
  • December 29:A Long Day
  • December 30-31: Making One's Own Wings
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